Riding on the Winds

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SML is home to many sailing enthusiasts, and two sailing clubs (Blackwater Yacht Racing Association (BYRA) on the Blackwater River at Pelican Point and VISA (Virginia Inland Sailing Association) on the Roanoke near Bernard’s Landing—hold regular spring and fall races and regattas. Indeed, the months of April, May, September and October normally offer the best sailing breezes, whereas brisk sailing winds breezes are harder to find in summer months. Still, summer’s gentle breezes are perfect for fledgling sailors, and VISA offers a number of learn-to-sail programs for kids, using a fleet of Lasersand Flyhing Scots.

Pelican Point Yacht Club on the Blackwater has the most masts rising from its well-maintained floating slips, but sailboats can can be found in several other marinas as well. Vessels moored at home docks are often brought around to Pelican Point for  VISA’s class regattas, typically handicapped by the club’s race committees to ensure every crew has a chance to show on a given Saturday.

SML’s unusually deep water means even deep-keeled sailboats can roam without fear of grounding and find secluded anchorages for overnight stays or a cooling swim on a warm summer day.

Smith Mountain Lake State Park

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Smith Mountain Lake State Park

For our families’ annual week long vacation, like many, you will find us at a crowded, over commercialized popular beach spot somewhere along the East Coast.Craving something different, and looking for a weekend getaway my good friend suggested a spot that I hadn’t considered before- a State Park.

Hesitant, but curious, I booked a weekend trip for our family at a VA State Park. The result? “The best vacation ever”. Those were the words echoed by my two children, aged 9 and 12 at the time. How could this be? The cheapest vacation we have ever taken and it was the BEST?

Let me explain.
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